Industry Trends

If you are looking for some best automotive industry trends, then you are on the right page. Here is a quick list of the most popular automotive trends.

Electrifying and hybridising

The modern trend is highly biasing over to new-age electric and hybrid vehicles. Due to ecological issues, many of the companies have started to increase their research and development resources towards electrical power and hybrid power. The best part of the electric motors or power plants is instant torque availability from a standstill. This can put many fuel running sports cars to shame. This has become a recent obsession with People who own mainly a Tesla. It is even eco-friendly too, with a negligible amount of emissions even considering the production also. In 2020 we hope almost all the companies to have at least one product in their line-up which is fully electric.


Start-up companies growing into fame

Most of the start-ups like Tesla and Koenegseigg are gaining massive popularity in terms of innovations and more research-oriented progress in their concept car line-up which is dripping down to almost the 90 prevent of it to the production version cars. 2020 has much more contenders for the two companies, which may come in hard and durable. Many start-ups in Bangalore are working on electric bikes with stellar performance and economy both at the same time. One such company being Ather has gained much praise from all over the world. They plan on making the new energy more affordable and compliant to the local masses.

Smart materials

Use of carbon fibre is predominant in cars of this era. It has gained much more popularity and trickled down to more affordable offerings. Use of many smarter materials by BMW is seen in the recent expos and very bright in the future. It includes material response and self-healing properties as seen on the pure evil Kawasaki H2. They include many smarter features which have a whole new host of features which include intelligent body control and much more. Smart materials do include fusion of titanium and carbon fibre with a blend of magnesium which results in a stable structure and even lightness.

Smart materials

Market bias towards two-wheeler space

More people are moving towards the two-wheeler space, which is experiencing a revolution in terms of sales and research. Making more affordable options and increasing the performance figures for a particular price. Drone manufacturers like Ducati are trickling down to the smaller motorcycle category for increased customer gain. In the fiscal year of 2019, almost 35 % of overall growth in motorcycling was in the age category of people above 50, who found their lost passion. New age developments in the electric motorcycle space have seen a drastic increase in the same. Most of the premium motorcycle brands have found a way to pave into the Indian market space, which is the world’s largest motorcycle consumer in the world. 2020 surely is a more energetic year.