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We are a forum and website that completely focuses on the luxury and venerated car brands and we also give you advice and suggestions about cars from brands like BMW. We will also let you know about the features that they have.

Our Services

Motion Sensors

The cars that we have and the ones that we tell you about, all have state of the art motion sensors. The car will know if you are near it and the car will also know if another car is coming too close to it and it will alert you.


The cars also have some of the best GPS navigation systems ever. You will certainly reach where you wanted to go without any hassle or hiccups. The cars also have a guide installed which you can choose to use or not use.

4G LTE Cellular

With this feature, you are always connected to the internet and the connection is also one of the fastest on the planet. You will be glad that you opted for this feature because you will never get lost.

Why us?

Dual HD Cameras

There are some really good quality cameras installed and they will give you a visual wherever you cannot physically look.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

You will have the option of sharing your wi-fi and yes, people will be glad indeed.

Gesture Control

You can control many features in the car with the help of certain gestures and that is it.

Lifetime Guarantee

When we give you a lifetime guarantee, we mean it. We will make sure to serve you well for as long as you use the car.

Bluetooth LE

We have made sure to fit in some of the most advanced Bluetooth technologies in the car. You will love it indeed.

Great Support

If you buy from us, you know that you will get some of the best support ever. We will be there for you 24/7. All you will have to do is contact the customer care.


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